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Mountain Mike’s Pizza Plans to Reach the Upper Crust

The newly minted CEO isn’t oblivious to Mountain Mike’s challenges in its crowded sector. For example, Metevier knows he needs to be sensitive to labor costs now that his California-based chain must deal with that state’s recent implementation of a $20 minimum wage (85% of the chains locations are based within the Golden State.)

The Endless Promise of Pizza

Served as an LTO, in a restaurant, or at a ball game, fired in a brick oven at 800 degrees or reheated Sunday morning in a battered collegiate microwave after a late night, pizza is a tough business that can yield great rewards, revenue, and satisfaction.

Frozen Pizza’s Popularity Spikes Amid Inflation

A new report by Vericast illustrated the lengths consumers are going to save amid inflation. More than anything, many consumers are bypassing restaurants in favor of cooking frozen pizza at home. Vericast’s 2023 Restaurant TrendWatch …

Grocery Stores Diversify Pizza Offerings to Stay Competitive

As Americans aim to save on dining out amid inflation and restaurants battle labor and supply shortages, grocery stores strategize to please consumers’ pizza palates with frozen variety to deli and delivery convenience. Deli pizza …