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Ascending Italian Cuisine: Restaurants Swim in Revenue with Pescaria Sandwiches

The Pescaria’s signature dish is a fish sandwich composed of one thick slice of partially hollowed-out round bread, two pestos/oils/mayonnaises, a cheese, a fish, some vegetables (raw and cooked), and a smaller slice of bread on top with a tortoiseshell pattern. The bread’s texture is crispy on the outside and pleasantly chewy on the inside.

2023 Labor Outlook: Layoffs, Automation on Horizon

Inflation threw a wrench into pandemic recovery, and with interest rates rising and the threat of a recession looming, the 2023 labor market could look very different than it does today. Major tech companies have …

When Grocery Goes Virtual: Foodservice in the Metaverse

The Metaverse, in many ways, is rather stupid. Its characters are blocky, Cocomelon fever dreams and its stock is crashing – in late October, shares dropped 24% to their lowest point since 2016 after parent ...