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EVs Can Galvanize Farming and Agriculture

Today’s smart vehicles and robotics can do everything from operate autonomous implements in the field to monitor crucial silo volume and quality data, make precision adjustments to spraying and irrigation, and even assess crop and animal health. And that’s just scratching the surface.

AeroFarms Unveils World’s Biggest Aeroponic Smart Farm

AeroFarms on Tuesday unveiled what it says is the world’s largest aeroponic smart farm. The 140,000 square-foot indoor facility, located in Danville, Virginia, is capable of growing more than 3 million pounds of fresh leafy …

Deere Unveils Autonomous Tractors

John Deere, which introduced its first tractors in 1918, plans to start large-scale production on a fully autonomous tractor that features Deere’s 8R tractor, TruSet-enabled chisel plow and GPS guidance system, along with other advanced …