Carbon Labeling Claims for The Food and Restaurant Industries – The Outlook for 2022


Recorded February 17, 2022

Session Summary
Climate change is continuously assuming a greater role in consumer purchasing decisions, and companies are taking note of growing consumer awareness of the food industry’s carbon footprint.

Marketers are recognizing that they can gain a distinct advantage in the marketplace by addressing climate concerns and by providing carbon ratings on processed foods and menu items.

Sponsored by the Food Institute and OFW Law, this session will take a closer look at some of the food producers and service providers that are proceeding with such labeling initiatives. The webinar will provide a step-by-step guide on how to plan for, and responsibly implement, a carbon footprint rating system including:

• Parameters of a carbon labeling program
• The origins of carbon footprint labeling for foods
• What companies are doing now to provide carbon labeling
• Factors to consider when providing carbon footprint rankings
• How to choose a third-party accreditation and certification program
• A review of the legal framework for carbon rating disclosures
• The role of the USDA, FDA, and Federal Trade Commission
• Best practices and safe harbors for providing carbon footprint ratings