Latest Outlook on CBD Regulation and Legislation


Recorded February 16, 2022

Session Summary
Navigate the risky waters of CBD regulation and the addition of CBD to foods and dietary supplements.

AB 45, a California-enacted statute, generally legalizes the addition of CBD to foods and dietary supplements under California law, subject to implementing regulations issued by the California Department of Public Health, but California law does not alter the status of CBD-containing foods and dietary supplements under Federal law.

Can food and dietary supplement companies legally manufacture and market CBD containing products solely within the state of California?

CBD remains illegal under federal law in FDA-regulated foods and dietary supplements and the agency took a series of enforcement actions in 2021.

But legislation pending in Congress may force the agency to change course.

• Learn about the interface of state and federal law pertaining to CBD containing foods and dietary supplements.

• Gain an understanding of pending federal legislation.

• Discover how the introduction of such legislation may influence current FDA enforcement policy.