Food Labeling Guide IV


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Authored by Olsson, Frank & Weeda, P.C.

There have been numerous changes in food labeling regulations that were published in May 2016. Namely new Nutrition Facts labeling requirements, serving size adjustments, added sugar labels and more major changes. Are you aware that you and your firm can be impacted if you are not complying with the latest government regulations? This fourth edition of The Food Institute’s best-selling U.S. Food Labeling Guide includes full explanations of these changes and how you should handle them. Food Institute counsel Olsson, Frank & Weeda, PC authored this publication in layman’s terms, not in “legalese.”

The U.S. Food Labeling Guide continues to be the most comprehensive tool for labeling food products available (over 280 pages). Our prior editions are already used regularly by hundred of food manufacturers, consultants and label designers. This completely updated user-friendly guide simplifies the maze of complex legal requirements mandated by the government. Other topics covered include:

  • An Overview Of Labeling Requirements
  • Statement of Identity
  • Net Contents Labeling
  • Nutrition Labeling
  • Declaration of Ingredients
  • Signature Line
  • Nutrient Content Claims and Other Descriptive Terms – “Fresh,” “Natural,” Organic,” “GMO-Free,” Gluten-Free”
  • Modified Standardized Foods
  • Health Claims
  • Structure/Function Claims
  • Flavor Labeling
  • Juice Labeling
  • Warning and Notice Statements
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • Labeling of Restaurant and Foodservice Foods