Food Products Recall Manual, 4th Edition



Authored by OFW Law

Food recalls occur virtually everyday. Food products are recalled for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane to the serious. A manufacturer may choose, for business reasons, to retrieve product that is not selling well, does not meet quality specifications, has been the subject of consumer complaints, or has minor labeling problems. In more extreme cases, a manufacturer may be compelled to recall a food product that has been implicated in an outbreak of foodborne illness, contains undeclared allergens, or contains metal fragments. In any recall, the main objectives are to contain the problem so that no one becomes ill or injured; to preserve consumer confidence in your company and its products and to correct the problem so that it does not recur.

Recalls are not pleasant experiences. Given the public’s growing concern about food safety, a recall can quickly escalate into a local, national or even international news story. But, it need not be a cause for panic. Following responsible and sensible procedures, as outlined in this Manual, can help contain any fallout.

The manual also includes a special section on Handling the Logistics of a Product Recall by Stericycle ExpertRECALL, as well as a section on”Handling the Media” by Dezenhall Resources.

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About Stericycle ExpertRECALL

ExpertRECALL is a global leader in product recalls. The company offers a robust set of solutions for pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer goods, juvenile product and food and beverage recalls. Since its inception, ExpertRECALL has managed more than 1,400 recalls, from the largest withdrawal in U.S. history to smaller consumer product and medical device recalls. ExpertRECALL also offers retrieval services to aid in recall effectiveness checks and reclamation of affected product from the marketplace