A Venture Capital View of Food Industry Trends

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How does the venture capital world view the current state of the food industry? Melitas Ventures founder and managing partner Alex Malamatinas (ex-Tyrian Investments, Indus Capital [former Soros Partners], and Morgan Stanley) shares his thoughts on trends centered on health and wellness, direct-to-consumer models, high valuations, plant-based products, and more. Malamatinas draws on his experience as a board member for companies ranging from Abbot’s Butcher to MUD WTR to show how the early stage food and beverage industry has evolved in recent years, how COVID-19 changed his valuation processes, and what the food industry could see in 2022.

“Capital is a commodity these days and you know most founders really can take their pick in terms of which venture capital funds they partner with.”

More about Alex Malamatinas:
Alex is the Founder and Managing Partner of Melitas Ventures, a New York based venture capital fund that partners with innovative early stage food & beverage companies. He serves on the boards of: Abbot’s Butcher, NomNom, Verb Energy, Beekeeper’s Naturals, Lemon Perfect, Elements, RIND Snacks, Nurture Life and MUD WTR. Alex was previously a senior member of the investment teams at Tyrian Investments (seeded by Tiger Management) and Indus Capital (former Soros Partners), where he invested in global consumer companies. He began his career in Morgan Stanley’s London and New York offices. Alex received his MBA from Wharton, with a Major in Finance, and BA in Political Science, with honors and distinction, from Stanford University.

More about Melitas Ventures:
We partner with visionary founders who innovate and transform what consumers eat and drink. We believe in authentic brands which are better-for-you and have a positive impact on society and the environment. We apply our dedication, creativity and experience to fuel tremendous growth for our companies.

Melitas Ventures is a New York based Venture Capital fund that invests in early stage food & beverage companies through the entire value chain. The team has unique access to competitive investment opportunities and a very selective investment process. The Melitas Ventures partners have established a successful track record investing in some of the most innovative and fastest-growing early stage food & beverage companies.

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