Exploring the Functional Beverage Market with Olipop

Ben Goodwin Olipop

Olipop co-founder, CEO, and formulator Ben Goodwin joined the Food Institute Podcast to discuss the product he’s made, the shift from probiotic to microbiome-focused beverages among consumers, and the health implications from drinking functional beverages. Additionally,  the conversation with host Chris Campbell ranges to cover topics including the aluminum can shortages, marketing challenges, and production issues stemming from the start of the pandemic to the current day. Ben also covers some of his histories as a beverage formulator with other companies and provides a view into the style of leadership he uses in leading Olipop.

Hosted By: Chris Campbell
Recorded: August 14, 2020
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More About Ben Goodwin:
Ben is a product developer and microbiome/fermentation expert who has been formulating natural CPGs for 15 years. OLIPOP is his third entrepreneurial beverage venture. He’s deeply driven by the mission of maximizing human health and consciousness on a mass scale using accessible health products as a vehicle for positive change. When not tinkering on products in his Northern California forest-dwelling, Ben DJs sits in pools of really hot or really cold water and nearly kills himself on mountains.

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