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Expert: Price Hikes Could Moderate this Year

Consumers could be getting a break with companies like Conagra Brands, maker of Hunt’s ketchup and other popular packaged groceries, pulling back on price hikes following last year’s worst inflation in four decades. In its …

Chicken or the Egg? HPAI’s Impact on Pricing

On the surface, the appearance of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in 2022 should have pushed prices up for both chicken and eggs at an equal level. But anyone keeping an eye on supermarket shelves …

Shortages of Potatoes, Onions Send Industry Scrambling

Bad potato and onion crops, coupled with cost and availability issues, may have consumers hearing, “You want zucchini sticks with that burger?” Portillo’s CEO Michael Osanloo said supplies of onion rings and French fries have …

Survey: Consumers Already Bracing for Recession

Though experts still are split on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve’s inflation-fighting moves will plunge the economy into a recession, consumers apparently aren’t waiting for the official figures, already trimming their grocery bills and choice …

Trials Show Workers Love Condensed Workweeks

Restaurant owners are following the corporate world’s lead in having employees test the four-day workweek – but a south Florida Chick-fil-A owner has gone further by having employees in his fast-food establishment work 13 to …

3 Keys to Discount Grocers’ Recent Success

Mainstream grocers can learn priceless lessons from successful off-price brands like Aldi, according to one industry analyst. Chief among those lessons is the value of growing private-label offerings.

In-Store Bakeries Offer Opportunities for Sweet Success

In-store bakery performance is on the rise, with a whopping 95% of shoppers eating a bakery item at least occasionally and 63% doing so weekly, according to a new FMI report. The report, which explored …

Blaze Pizza Favorite QSR Among Gen Z

Blaze Pizza, in the opinion of college kids, is “lit.” And sandwiches from Five Guys and Jersey Mike’s, apparently, “just hit different.”

Survey: CEOs see Slowed 2023 Growth

CEOs and other C-suite executives see slow growth and digital innovation ahead, the Conference Board 2023 C-Suite Outlook found. Some 1,131 C-suite executives responded to the board’s annual survey. Projected economic growth is expected to …

Experts Call on F&B Manufacturers to Assist SNAP Participants

With 42 million Americans participating in the Agriculture Department’s SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – and more than half of U.S. households earning less than $75,000 a year, food manufacturers are in a unique …

Analyst: U.S. Egg Industry in ‘Unprecedented Times’

The U.S. egg industry is in “unprecedented times” as the threat of avian influenza continues to impact prices and availability. That’s according to Eggs Unlimited Global Trade Strategist Brian Moscogiuri, who told The Food Institute …

2021 Food Labeling Summit

How Brands’ Online Content Sways Consumers

Roughly 82% of shoppers feel product content online is more important than brand names. One executive notes how brands and retailers can deliver ideal information.

QSRs’ Chicken Sandwich Wars Reignited

Experts are predicting chicken sandwiches will dominate menus in 2023. According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, which polled over 500 industry experts, chicken sandwiches – both classic and new variations – …

Harvard Study: Enzyme Can Turn Sugar to Fiber

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, in a study funded by the Kraft-Heinz Co., found sugar exposed to encapsulated plant enzymes in the gut can be turned into fiber.