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Study: Plant-Based Attains Popularity with Gen Z

An eye-opening 81% of college students will choose a plant-based food offering when it’s the default option, according to a recent study led by foodservice provider Sodexo. And these Gen Zers are more interested in …

3 Key Trends on Display at 2023 National Restaurant Association Show

CHICAGO – A majority (62%) of foodservice operators are currently understaffed, according to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Restaurant Industry Report, 2023. Foodservice operators gathered in Chicago for the 2023 National Restaurant Association …

Study: Lab-Grown Meat Potentially Worse for Environment than Retail Beef

If proper technology and facilities can be developed to lessen the current emissions costs of lab-grown products, then yes, the research team found cultured meat to be much more environmentally competitive and with a potential wide range of applications. Today, though, the scientific/environmental/cultural jump “from pharma to food” remains an expensive and taxing endeavor for mother Earth.

Analysis: The Healthiest Superfoods

Eat a balanced diet. We’ve heard that edict since we were children, but now all the shouting is about superfoods and supplements that can do everything from lower blood pressure to improve gut health to …

3 Key Trends Reshaping Latin Cuisine

Latin America has a large cultural richness which is reflected in its cuisine. Every dish tells a story of the region’s cultural heritage. Latin American cuisine is characterized by diversity of flavors, textures and colors …

‘Climavore’ Lifestyle Growing Rapidly

“Climavorism” – in which consumers make food choices based on climate impacts – is a concept that’s gaining traction. Climavores are as prevalent as ever, judging by a recent survey by consulting firm Kearney Inc. …

Drive Impulse Purchases Using Urgency and Store Layout

Despite inflation, impulse purchases remain a key opportunity for maximizing basket sizes. A study by Ipsos found that while 56% of consumers say they’re making fewer impulse buys, one-third still made one in the past …

5 Plant-Forward Alt-Meat Innovations

Innovators are shaking up the alt-meat category with plant-forward creations that contain more whole foods and less processed ingredients. Here are five companies to watch.

Analysis: Why CAVA’s Revenue is Steadily Rising

The CAVA restaurant chain is killin’ it, seizing upon the growing popularity of Mediterranean food, as well as the build-your-own-meal concept. CAVA has officially announced plans to go forward with an initial public offering after …

Why Overlooking Baby Boomer Consumers is a Big Mistake

The tastes of Baby Boomer consumers are evolving in a manner that defies stereotypes. “With nearly sixty percent of Boomers using digital promotions, and that usage increasing rapidly – surpassing paper usage last year – …

When Wallets Are Tight, Concentrate on Quality & Convenience

When consumers start tightening their wallets due to economic conditions, they start choosing between price and convenience. And in the case of major retailers, it becomes a struggle to decide where to concentrate efforts. “Companies …

Groundbreaking Consumer Insight: The Snack 50 Psychological Ranking

According to Circana Group and reported by The Wall Street Journal, nearly half of American consumers snack three times or more every day, a figure up 8% in the past two years. Last year, U.S. snack sales soared to over $180 billion, up 11% from the previous year.

Amazon Delivery Strategy a Model for Other Retailers

Robotics, machine learning, and data analytics helped optimize the Amazon delivery process in recent months. Now, the e-commerce giant’s model could be a standard other retailers look to emulate. Amazon managed to speed its deliveries …

American Jerk: The Salty, Smoky, Spicy, and Thriving Business of Jerky

There are many notable jerky and meat snack companies out there and most are thriving as the snackification of America continues apace. Jerky in any form has been a staple snack since navigators used sextets to sail the seven seas and discover more jerky, as John Smith is purported to have in the early 1600s when he marked a map of Virginia and wrote, “as drie as their jerkin beefe in the West Indies.”

Top Candy Innovations of 2023

This is fastly becoming the year of functional confectionery and “super sour” candy. Manufacturers are taking note in an era in which consumers are receptive to brief indulgences.

5 Healthy Alt-Meat Products

The Food Institute spoke with two dietitians to outline some of the healthiest alt-meat products available today and break down best practices for reading nutrition labels.

Summer Preview ’23: Inflation Alters Vacation Plans

Inflation is lingering like an in-law overstaying their welcome. As a result, consumers are demanding deals as they make vacation plans for summer 2023. Judging by recent research, consumers plan to hit the road in …

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Food Hall Trend Accelerating in US, UK

The number of U.S. food halls is expected to increase by as much as 45% in the coming years, and the facilities offer chefs a valuable opportunity to test new restaurant concepts.

Latin America’s Gen Z Consumers Evolving Rapidly

Gen Z consumers in Latin America are evolving rapidly and reshaping the market. And that fact has created a few challenges – as well as opportunities – for companies like those in the food sector. …

Top 5 Healthiest Diets

A diet may help you lose weight quickly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthy choice. To help people parse through the wealth of information (and misinformation) available today, the American Heart Association (AHA) …

Shrimp: The New Seafood Value Proposition

When it comes to seafood, shrimp is, well, no shrimp. While other seafood prices have been on the upswing since the pandemic era, shrimp prices have remained affordable and stable, providing value opportunities for savvy …

Future of Soda: Less Sugar, More Influencers

The global carbonated soft drink market size is expected to grow at a modest CAGR of 4.7% through 2028, and industry experts say consumers demand more creative products like craft sodas.

Deep Dive: The State of Alternative Milk

Alternative milks remain the darling of plant-based growth. Record high dairy inflation and a deluge of new alternatives, however, are putting the brakes on product movement.

Why Lemon8 May Replace TikTok as Top Marketing App

As Congress considers a ban on the social media platform TikTok due to questions about the privacy of data, online safety concerns and connections with the Chinese Communist Party, many individuals and businesses alike are …