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International Cuisine, Natural Ingredients Could Define 2023

international cuisine, korean bbq

A new report suggests healthful ingredients, indulgent dishes, and exotic international cuisine could dominate menus in the months ahead.

Cozymeal’s 23 Food Trends for 2023 report made it clear that products catering to the health and wellness movement will be especially prevalent in the near-term.

While some of the report’s noted trends have been written about extensively– like tinned fish – Cozymeal (a brand with offerings like cooking classes) also touched upon a few under-the-radar movements. Among them:

International BBQ

Regional spice profiles with smoky notes from world locales like the Middle East, the Mediterranean, South America, and Asia are gaining in popularity. Cozymeal noted that Korean and Thai barbecue have become especially popular, particularly in fusion dishes.


According to Medical News Today, leaves from the moringa plant provide an abundance of vitamin A, vitamin B3, calcium, and iron. The ingredient is also believed to help treat health issues like high blood pressure.

Lisa Curtis, the founder of the Kuli Kuli brand, features the superfood in her Moringa Gummies. She told The Food Institute in 2022 that moringa can be paired with adaptogens that are often used in herbal medicine and nutrient-dense spices to yield a pleasant flavor profile.

Potato Milk

The list of dairy alternatives has become expansive. Now, potato milk is gathering momentum, due in part to its low sugar content and creamy consistency. The alt-milk is also low in saturated fat, Cozymeal noted.


Perhaps the biggest beverage trend of the year is the use of ingredients like lavender and other natural floral flavors. Such botanical ingredients can provide a fresh, natural flavor profile while reducing the need for sweeteners.

“Also, given the recent interest in mental well-being and self-care practices like mindfulness meditation, expect to see beverages that boast calming qualities, or make use of botanicals like chamomile or passion fruit to promote relaxation,” Jeff Diego, co-founder of Drifter Spirits, told FI recently.

The Cozymeal report’s full list of trends to watch is below:

  • Urban farm produce
  • Climate-conscious foods
  • Pasture-raised meat and eggs
  • Island flavors
  • Spicy bakes
  • Reducetarian eating
  • International barbecue
  • Butter boards
  • Tinned fish
  • Peppers and hot flavors
  • Vegan eggs
  • Alternative chocolates
  • Yuzu fruit
  • Moringa
  • Turmuric
  • Plant-based chicken
  • Pasta
  • Botanicals
  • Bold flavors
  • Functional fizz
  • Clean-label simplicity
  • Potato milk
  • Zero-proof spirits

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