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Consumers Willing to Use Digital Tech in Stores

The world is adapting to the rise of online shopping options, including the use of digital options for brick-and-mortar trips. Each region has proven an early adopter of certain technologies over others, and North American shoppers are the most likely to use digital coupons in the world, with 26% of respondents already taking advantage of them, according to Nielsen. That number is the largest adoption of any digital tool measured in Nielsen’s study.

About 18% of North American consumers use online or mobile shopping lists, while another 15% use retailer apps for information or offers. The least-used technologies were in-store computers and QR codes for more detailed product information, which were adopted by just 10% and 12% of of North American consumers, respectively. Using in-store wifi for personal offers was also low, used by 12%.

Despite low usage rates, consumers are open to using these technologies more in the future. More than half of North American consumers stated they would use one of the options at a later date. The Asia-Pacific region saw the highest adoption levels, and nearly 70% of consumers would use the technologies in any of the tested areas. Europe generally had the lowest adoption rate, with only mobile coupons even breaking 10% consumer use.