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Chef Massimo Bottura Notes Secret Ingredients to Food Industry Success

Massimo Bottura

NEW YORK CITY – Italian chef Massimo Bottura has helped his restaurant Osteria Francescana attain a rating of three Michelin stars and twice reach a No. 1 ranking on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. You don’t ascend to that level quickly or easily.

The renowned chef spoke with The Food Institute at the recent Summer Fancy Food Show, discussing what it takes to succeed as a chef in 2023 and how to achieve operational excellence.

“I always have this obsession about quality,” he said, “and I’m trying to transfer [that] into all my products.”

Massimo Bottura also focuses on getting great ingredients. Then, he gets creative with those ingredients.

“Ingredients is the base of everything,” Bottura said. “First … it’s about the ingredients, then the quality of the technique, then the quality of the ideas. You cannot improvise it to be a great chef.”

Osteria Francescana’s website features paintings and captivating photography. If you scroll far enough on the homepage, you’ll notice text that reads: “Artwork is a landscape of ideas.” In a similar spirit, Bottura loves to collaborate with those that set a standard in terms of innovation.

That’s why the renowned chef is a culinary collaborator with Ferrari. That passion for partnering with the best is also what inspired Bottura to help launch the nonprofit association Food for Soul and its social kitchens in locales like Harlem. He feels success can be a natural byproduct of collaborating with partners you truly believe in.

“It’s all about quality. And that equals the ethic of your approach; this is another thing I really care a lot [about],” said Bottura, whose passion for quality extends to his own line of balsamic vinegars and olive oils, Villa Manodori. “I’m a chef, and I’m Italian. So, when I pick a product and I pick a partner, I need to love the partner and the people that I work with. Otherwise, I’m gonna say no.

“My goal has never been about money. It’s always been about success.”