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USDA Purchases $6.3 million of Canned Vegetables
Posted on March 02, 2015 by James Hickey

On Feb. 23, USDA purchased 11 types of canned vegetable products for federal food assistance programs worth about $6.3 million. There was a total of 553,840 cases purchased that included 194,400 24/300 cases of meatless spaghetti sauce; 122,400 24/300 cases of tomato sauce; 77,520 24/300 cases of spinach; 55,000 24/1 cases of vegetable soup; 37,400 24/1 cases of tomato soup; 33,600 12/22 cases of cream of chicken soup; 27,300 12/22 cases of cream of mushroom soup; 3,648 cases of tomato sauce; 1,620 24/300 cases of canned pumpkin; and 952 6/10 cases of meatless spaghetti sauce. Additionally 877,800 pounds of tomato paste for bulk processing was sold.

USDA purchased $2.1 million of tomato sauce, meatless spaghetti sauce, tomato paste for bulk processing, and spinach from Del Monte;  $984,312 of cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup from Tabatchnick Fine Foods;  $624,272 of vegetable and tomato soup from Aunt Kitty’s;  $594,400 of tomato soup and meatless spaghetti sauce from Hirzel Canning; $441,832 of spinach from McCall Farms; $838,060 of tomato and meatless spaghetti sauce from Red Gold;  $335,050 of tomato and meatless spaghetti sauce from Robert H. Barrios; $357,042 of vegetables soup, tomato soup, and canned pumpkin from Seneca;  and $23,475 of tomato sauce from Furman’s Foods.

Due to a lack of bids received, USDA did not purchase 3,060 24/300 cases of Hominy, 1,620 24/300 cases of meatless spaghetti sauce, 912 6/10 cases of salsa and 6,120 24/300 cases of tomato sauce.

Deliveries are to be made between Apr. 1 and June 30.


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