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Six Restaurant Strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

While venerable NFL coaches Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan formulate their game plans leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, party planners the world over are doing the same. That’s especially true for restaurant operators, who …

DTC is Done Authentically at Denver’s Tocabe

Late last year, Tocabe Harvest Meals were unveiled as direct-to-consumer, nutritious, ready-made dishes featuring ingredients sourced from Native American farmers and producers.

Chocolate Purchases Dip Despite Candy Viewed as Energy Boost

A new report from Mintel suggests one-third of Americans rationalize purchasing chocolate as an energy boost. Meanwhile, new research suggests a direct connection between dark chocolate and reducing factors that contribute to essential hypertension.

Prominent Doctor Fears Impact of TikTok Diet Trends

Americans are getting away from healthy habits like meal prepping and perusing produce aisles. Instead, many consumers opt for quicker, more convenient food that often include preservatives and copious amounts of sugar or oils.

5 Retail Trends to Watch in the New Year

As the calendar turns toward a new year, many consumers continue to watch their budgets closely. And that factor is shaping retail strategies for 2024. “The average American family has eaten into the savings it …

CEOs’ Secrets to Success in the New Year

“Remember that running a food and beverage business can sometimes be akin to ‘buying yourself a job;’ it may not always guarantee immediate or substantial returns on investment.”

Survey: Restaurants Face Labor Challenges Amid an Uncertain Economy

According to a new survey, many restaurant operators view changing macroeconomic conditions, labor challenges, and evolving guest demands among their top current pain points. Earlier this year, Toast polled 847 restaurant decision-makers for its annual …

Get Rite: Pharmacy Chain Rite Aid Fights to Regain Top Spot

Rite Aid, one of the largest pharmacy chains in America, is facing a major financial restructuring, with plans to close 154 stores. The 61-year-old pharmacy chain recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and named new …

Pizza Trends for 2024: Artisan, Crustless and Value Pies

Americans’ appetite for pizza has reached eye-opening proportions. Consider: A survey by Caulipower Pizza indicated 98% of Americans eat pizza. Meanwhile, a recent poll produced by revealed 74% of Americans would be satisfied eating …

‘Sweet Heat’ Trend on Full Display at Food Supplier Event

MINNEAPOLIS – Chef Jeff Baker’s average customer is getting more adventurous – even in the Upper Midwest, where ketchup and black pepper qualify as “spicy” in some circles. The evolution of the American consumer’s palate …

How the Pandemic Reshaped Restaurant Real Estate

There has been a sizable population shift to America’s Sun Belt as well as its suburbs and rural areas in recent years. That fact has reshaped the nation’s commercial real estate, experts say.

Latam Food Week: 3 Key Takeaways from Opening Day

Ivonne Kinser kicked off the inaugural Latam Food Week with a rather bold statement. “When we look at the nomadic [nature of] Latin American culinary culture, there’s unlimited sources of flavors,” the food industry insider …

Outlook for Meal Kits Murky

Meal-kit companies are delivering mixed results in 2023. The difference between the category’s “haves” and “have-nots” appears to be widening. “There’s a broad range of what’s considered a ‘meal kit’ today, reflective of rapidly changing …


The Scary Truth: Inflation Impacting Halloween Plans

This fall, candy manufacturers are faced with a frightening reality: many shoppers are planning to ease back on Halloween-related purchases. A new Halloween Spending Trends report revealed 73% of Americans said their shopping for the …

Syrian Food Movement Gaining Momentum

Syrian cuisine dates to at least 3000 BC. Yet despite its roots in ancient cities like Damascus, Syrian food is suddenly trendier than ever.

The 15 Healthiest Low-Carb Foods

The low-carb foods market might be bloated, but opportunities remain for food and beverage companies to take advantage.

Why Mixed Reality Could be a Business Game-Changer

When Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset in June, tech experts reacted with hyperbole. Optimists claimed the mixed reality device is likely to replace smartphones someday. Cynics, on the other hand, scoffed at the product’s …

Sugarflation Frustration

The term “sugarflation” could soon become part of the global lexicon. Everything from candy and soft drinks to baked goods are likely to become more expensive in the second half of 2023 – sugar prices …

High-Protein Products as Popular as Ever

If online conversations are any indication, consumer interest in high-protein products is soaring. According to a recent report by Brandwatch, online search interest for the term “high protein” reached a five-year high in early 2023 …

Spice It Up: Burritos and Hot Chicken Are on Fire

Restaurant chains specializing in spicy offerings are gathering steam in 2023. Case in point: Dave’s Hot Chicken, which grew from two locations to 118 over the past few years, saw May 2023 visits increase 126.6% …