Author: Jordan Wiklund

Data-and-Dash: Cybersecurity and the Food Industry

Crime is a malicious (and inevitable) branch of progress. As industry and technology evolve, so too do the machinations of those willing to test, infiltrate, and break the system for personal profit. As integrated web …

Understanding the Snow Crab Crisis

The cancelation of the Alaskan snow crab season has upended an entire chain of fishing, restaurant, grocery, and wholesale industries with one of its seasonal (and most delicious) mainstays.

Experts: Huge Opportunities Exist in Tech-enabled Ag

As agriculture moves towards automation, what technologies and best practices will lead the way? In a recent FI webinar, Agritecture founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith and Tortuga AgTech CEO Eric Adamson outlined the current state of ag tech.

When Grocery Goes Virtual: Foodservice in the Metaverse

The Metaverse, in many ways, is rather stupid. Its characters are blocky, Cocomelon fever dreams and its stock is crashing – in late October, shares dropped 24% to their lowest point since 2016 after parent ...

AR Offers Worlds of Possibilities in Food Industry

My augmented reality (AR) journey with a pear began easily enough. Scan to Experience the Vortex of Augmented Reality, reads the QR code on the homepage of I’ve always wanted to enter a vortex, …