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img McDonald's Corp. is planning a marketing effort focusing on fresh-cooked breakfast as competitors ...
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img President Obama is looking to reach a compromise on tariffs for beef, pork and dairy produ ...
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img Minnesota health clinics are operating their own food banks to improve patient health. Doctors ...
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img The Department of Commerce is launching an investigation concerning imports of sugar from Mexico as the ...
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img Arabica coffee prices for May delivery increased to a 26-month high to about $2.12 a pound, up ...
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Timely, relevant and unbiased information about the food industry from farm to fork. A nonprofit organization founded in 1928, The American Institute of Food Distribution (The Food Institute) has a single purpose: providing information. The Food Institute was founded by Seattle food broker Gordon C. Corbaley who decided to put out a semi-regular posting for his principals -- mainly canners -- and his customers, so they could keep better informed about what was going on in the marketplace. More About us »

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The Who, What and Where of Consumer Spending

The Food Institute's Demographics of Consumer Food Spending 2014 provides in-depth information and insightful analysis on U.S. consumer food spending patterns. Designed for easy use, this annual study provides an easy-to-read breakdown of spending on food overall, food at-home, food away-from-home, and alcoholic beverages. Topics covered include age, income, career, education, race, gender and region of the U.S.
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Retailers made up 13% of all food industry mergers in 2013, in large part because of the exceptional year that supermarkets had.
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"For the first time in 20 months, retail prices are matching what's happening on the wholesale level," said Brian Todd, president of the Food Institute.
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