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img Thai Union Frozen Products acquired Bumble Bee Seafoods for $1.5 billion. The companies wi ...
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img Grupo Bimbo's subsidiary Canada Bread Company Limited reached an agreement to acquire the ...
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img Eating wild blueberries may diminish the negative effects of a high-fat diet, according to a study ...
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img The U.S. Trade Representative denied Chile, Morocco, Peru and Panama duty-free or preferential tariff treatment ...
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img Robust strawberry markets should start to weaken as production ramps up in January from three major ...
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Timely, relevant and unbiased information about the food industry from farm to fork. A nonprofit organization founded in 1928, The American Institute of Food Distribution (The Food Institute) has a single purpose: providing information. The Food Institute was founded by Seattle food broker Gordon C. Corbaley who decided to put out a semi-regular posting for his principals -- mainly canners -- and his customers, so they could keep better informed about what was going on in the marketplace. More About us »

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The Who, What and Where of Consumer Spending

The Food Institute's Demographics of Consumer Food Spending 2014 provides in-depth information and insightful analysis on U.S. consumer food spending patterns. Designed for easy use, this annual study provides an easy-to-read breakdown of spending on food overall, food at-home, food away-from-home, and alcoholic beverages. Topics covered include age, income, career, education, race, gender and region of the U.S.
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Currently, online grocery store sales account for about 4% of market-level spending, but over the next decade it’s expected these sales will account for between 11% and 17% of the total.
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"Traditional supermarkets are having trouble because of increased competition. Drug stores, dollar stores and others have taken away some of supermarket perishables’ shoppers," said Brian Todd, president of the Food Institute, which recently cohosted a webinar on the Future of Food Retailing with Willard Bishop.
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