Transformational Foodservice Trends: Trusting Your Data Partners

As the foodservice industry continues to engage in a digital transformation, it is more important than ever to trust your data partners. From operators to distributors to manufacturers, every link along the foodservice supply chain needs to ensure accountability as companies develop new technologies and digital systems.

Join The Food Institute for a panel discussion on emerging technologies in the foodservice landscape, and how different companies are undergoing a digital transformation. Additionally, the panel shared thoughts on how to best protect your data, and how to build trust with your data partners.

A panel of industry experts, including Melissa Lee of General Mills Foodservice, Chelsea Kuyper of Gordon Food Service, Ken Davis of Foodbuy, and Nathan Romney of iTradeNetwork, discussed their thoughts on:

  • Successful digital transformation efforts;
  • The importance of data security in your organization;
  • What’s sub-segments are hot and what consumer trends are attracting entrepreneurship and growth investment
  • How to best develop trust among your data partners;
  • How to best engage with customers in a digital world.

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