Taking Vertical Farming to New Heights; Discover Marketing Opportunities for Disruptor and Traditional Brands

The food industry is facing unprecedented disruption with traditional manufacturers and producers often edged out by artisanal brands and new ventures backed by VC and other forms of unconventional capital. This webinar will feature one of food’s most innovative brands, AeroFarms, the world’s largest indoor vertical farm and a source of fresh produce that is grown aeroponically, often utilizing fallow warehouse space in some of America’s most prominent urban food deserts.

Using AeroFarms as a case study, we explore the possibilities when true food innovators really do think “outside of the box.” Following the conversation with AeroFarms Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Marc Oshima, we hear from veteran food publicist Amy Stern, Senior Vice President of 3E Public Relations, who addressed ways that innovations in PR can help companies to achieve their marketing goals. She has worked with traditional brands like French’s Mustard, Duncan Hines, Finlandia Cheese and Cuisinart, as well as up-and-coming brands looking to take center stage.

From start-ups to industry veterans, marketers often pay close attention to recipe and product development, scrutinizing over package design and more, yet commonly forget that brand awareness across consumer and trade media are invaluable assets to a winning marketing strategy.

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*The pdf does not include Marc Oshima’s portion of the webinar. You can view his presentation via the recording link.