Maximizing Opportunities and Minimizing Threats with ERM

Enterprise Risk Management is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks that could impact an organization. It helps organizations to proactively address potential challenges and opportunities, and to make informed decisions that support the achievement of their goals and objectives. During this webinar, our expert speakers from HUB International will share their insights and best practices on how ERM can help organizations to:

  • Improve decision-making
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Foster a culture of risk awareness
  • Protect against losses and liabilities
  • Increase stakeholder confidence and trust

Todd Macumber, Ken Kessler, and Chrystina Howard from HUB International shared what risks they are seeing in 2023 for the food industry. Watch the replay of this FI-exclusive webinar to learn how ERM can help your organization to thrive in today’s complex and dynamic business environment.

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HUB International

HUB International Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, HUB International Limited is a leading full-service global insurance broker and financial services firm providing risk management, insurance, employee benefits, retirement and wealth management products and services. With more than 13,000 employees in offices located throughout North America, HUB’s vast network of specialists brings clarity to a changing world with tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy, so clients are ready for tomorrow. For more information, please visit www.hubinternational.com.

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The food and beverage industry has proven to be a vulnerable target for cyber criminals this year. At least 40 companies in the sector have suffered cyberattacks, of which ransomware events have been the most common and costly. With that, cyber events can have long-lasting implications for companies, their vendors, and customers. Full Story

For more information on insurance, please contact Chrystina Howard at chrystina.howard@hubinternational.com, Sommer Chanady at sommer.chanady@hubinternational.comKaleigh Kemmerly at kaleigh.kemmerly@hubinternational.com, or Ken Kessler at ken.kessler@hubinternational.com.