Discover the Power of Purple: The MaquiBerry from Chile

This webinar was sponsored by ProChile, Chilealimentos, and the MaquiBerry from Chile Committee

Superfruits are often touted as having remarkable health benefits. Many consumers already know of about superfruits such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, acai berries, and goji berries. However, not many are aware of a superior berry that grows in the Chilean Patagonia known as the Maquiberry.

Maquiberries are packed with properties beneficial to health & wellness. Its high concentration of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory properties make this superfruit more powerful than its other berry cousins.

In partnership with ProChile, join The Food Institute as we invite Chilealimentos, along with two Chilean innovative brands, Vilkun and NativforLife, to share about the following:

• The Maquiberry’s origin, history and key characteristics
• Health Benefits
• Product use cases and consumption patterns
• Sustainability features

Who Should Watch?
• Food Retailers
• Food Distributors
• Brokers/Sales Agents
• Importers
• Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Will the Maquiberry become South America’s next superfruit? Watch this webinar to find out. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn about the Power of Purple!

To learn more about the Chilean MaquiBerry, read this special newsletter: https://conta.cc/3EB3elz

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Maquiberry From Chile:

This is an initiative of the Chilean industry of Maquiberry led by the Maqui Committee of Chilealimentos. Its purpose is the international promotion of this endemic fruit of Chile. This is all aligned with a vision of nutrition that is sustainable, healthy and socially responsible. ​

Our fundamental pillar is to consolidate Maquiberry as a reference superfruit, 100% natural, endemic of Chile, well supported by different scientific studies of highly prestigious research centers throughout the world. To learn more, visit https://www.maquiberryfromchile.com/.