Sweet on Stevia with the International Stevia Council

International Stevia Council, Sweet on Stevia, Food Institute Podcast

What makes consumers so sweet on stevia? The Food Institute spoke with the International Stevia Council’s executive director Maria Teresa Scardigli and president Andy Ohmes regarding the rise of stevia, the natural, no-calorie sweetener. In “Sweet on Stevia,” Scardigli touches upon the growth in popularity of the product, health outcomes linked to it, and demographics attracted to it, while Ohmes provides insight into the cultivation of the stevia plant, where it is processed, and opportunities for manufacturers to use it in product formulations.

Hosted By: Chris Campbell
Edited By: Anthony Deng
Recorded: May 13 and May 18, 2020
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More About the International Stevia Council (ISC):
ISC is a global trade association representing the stevia industry, including stevia leaf growers and producers, stevia extract producers, steviol glycoside producers and users of stevia extracts in final consumer products. ISC activities aim at improving the diets and health of people globally by addressing sugars and calories in food.

The International Stevia Council is a 501 (c) (6) not-for-profit organisation incorporated under the law of the State of Delaware in the United States (US). The Council has been created in July 2010 by eleven founding members.

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