Pre- and Post-Pandemic Pacesetters

Who are the pre- and post-pandemic pacesetters? Joan Driggs, vice president of content and thought leadership at IRI, joined the Food Institute’s Chris Campbell and Brian Choi to discuss IRI’s 2019 Pacesetter report, including the rise of big blockbuster brands featuring more than $100 million in sales, IRI’s consumer segmentation process, the rise of “better-for-you” products, and an overall focus on health and wellness. Additionally, the trio discuss how the food and beverage industries could change in a post-pandemic world in a discussion on pandemic pacesetters.

Hosted By: Chris Campbell and Brian Choi
Edited By: Anthony Deng
Recorded: June 12, 2020
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More About Joan Driggs:
Joan attributes curiosity as key to her 30-plus year career as a results-driven market researcher, CPG trade journalist and thought leader. Her goal has always been to empower CPGs, retailers and industry suppliers with information needed to make smart decisions that support shoppers and consumers. Her motto: Make the shopper the hero.

In her current role, Joan designs, develops, executes and manages a wide range of thought leadership projects and facilitates collaboration between diverse teams at IRI and its partners. Together, these efforts pinpoint critical CPG and retail growth opportunities.

Joan’s thought leadership work regularly serves as a foundation from which IRI teams develop innovative, holistic solutions for clients, and is regularly showcased during top-to-top client meetings, industry conferences and webinars, media, academic and custom studies.

Joan has shared her expertise by leading dialogues on timely and compelling CPG issues. She is frequently quoted in leading industry media, such as RetailWire, MarTech Series, Chain Drug Review, Digital Commerce 360 and HAPPI. She supports industry organizations such as Network of Executive Women; and she’s on the Executive Board of Western Michigan University’s Food Marketing Conference as well as Les Dames d’Escoffier’s Chicago Chapter.

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