FI Studios Presents Interview with Chef Maria Loi

The Food Institute is proud to present the first episode of its new series, “FI Studios,” which takes an in-depth look at notable figures in the Food and Beverage Industry. The premiere episode features Chef Maria Loi, a powerhouse restaurateur, entrepreneur, author, and TV star. Chef Loi has wowed the food world with her Mediterranean cooking and vibrant personality through numerous TV and event appearances, cookbooks, magazine features and her flagship NYC restaurant, Loi Estiatorio.

To view the piece, which was produced by FI’s Director of Digital Media, Susan Choi, click on the links below.

Watch Part 1 of the 3-Part Series Below

Acclaimed Greek chef, cookbook author, TV star, entrepreneur, philanthropist – for Chef Maria Loi, all those titles reflect just part of her growing empire. She’s done it all and seen it all, and has the stories and advice to prove it. Join The Food Institute as we dive into her life and get her take on key issues in the Food and Beverage Industry. In Part 1, she shows us one of her special dishes. Check it out!

Watch Part 2 of the 3-Part Series Below

Imagine having a long, accomplished career. Now imagine walking away from it all to start a restaurant from scratch, with no prior experience – and choosing to do so in less than five minutes. Sound unbelievable? That’s exactly what Chef Maria Loi did. In the Food Institute’s second part of this series, we ask Maria all about her life before, during, and after that monumental decision.

Watch Part 3 of the 3-Part Series Below

In the Food Institute’s final installment of this series, acclaimed chef Maria Loi shares her experiences and advice as a restaurateur and entrepreneur. She talks about how she was able to keep up her restaurant and product lines going during the pandemic, and gives guidance on how the Food and Beverage industry can not only survive, but thrive in these unprecedented times.

Produced By: Susan Choi
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