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Report Reveals Scarcity of Retail Innovation

From number-crunching untold volumes of data to helping streamline inventory, supply chain, and predictive market trends, there is no digital limit to what AI can help operators achieve.

Taking Stock of Wellness: Target Launches Wellness Initiative

The least expensive products will start at just $1.99 and range from apparel to supplements, vitamins to technology, and more. Many of the offerings will be exclusive to Target and complement its dedicated online wellness destination that features ideas, meal inspiration, and more.

Walmart Commits to Reducing Food Waste

In an era of increased greenwashing and many companies abandoning once-ambitious ESG plans altogether, Walmart appears to be making real strides toward helping reduce food waste, solve food deserts, and burnishing its worldwide brand a little more.

Retail Theft is a Growing Problem – Can the Tide Be Turned?

Major retailers including Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and CVS have all recently decided to close locations across major US cities, raising concerns about the future of retail in some of the most distinguished business …

Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Explode

Believe the hype – major American retailers and grocers are spending big money on retail media networks (RMNs). Walmart has Walmart Connect. Target reaches consumers using Roundel. Kroger has its Precision Marketing network, Albertsons its …

Prime Day Deals Could Spur Retail Revival

Amazon’s two-day Prime Day event starts July 11, and retailers are hoping it lifts the restraint consumers have been exhibiting since the beginning of the year. Call it Christmas in July. The annual sales orgy …

Investors Are Waiting for Consumers to Trade Down (or Not)

In the face of inflation, the U.S. consumer has shown impressive resilience. As a result, branded food manufacturers posted strong pricing-driven profit growth in 2022, and stocks in the sector rose sharply even in a …


AR Offers Worlds of Possibilities in Food Industry

My augmented reality (AR) journey with a pear began easily enough. Scan to Experience the Vortex of Augmented Reality, reads the QR code on the homepage of usapears.org. I’ve always wanted to enter a vortex, …

The Keys to Marketing to Gen Z Consumers

Which brands are most popular among Gen Z? That question was examined in depth in a recent Morning Consult report. And, included among social media brands like TikTok and gaming entities like Twitch, plenty of …