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How Much Does Sustainability Influence Consumer Shopping Habits?

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada say that they are willing to pay more for products that practice eco-friendly sustainability and ethics in their development, packaging, and sale of products, particularly around animal cruelty and ocean pollution.

3 Key Takeaways from Expo West 2024

With consumers as focused as ever on improving their health and wellness, clean diets including foods like whole fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins have gained momentum. The show floor at Expo West illustrated that movement.

Is the Greenwashing Wave Crashing?

In the age of transparency, nearly half (45%) of shoppers have heard of greenwashing and one-third (33%) are skeptical of green labels and sustainability claims.

The Consumer Curiosity Report Reveals Future Food Trends

The Consumer Curiosity Report was the first inaugural report developed by Curious Plot to not only learn how food-forward consumers think and behave, but to help establish, foster, and share new food trends from home to aisle, retail to restaurant.

Top Candy Innovations of 2023

This is fastly becoming the year of functional confectionery and “super sour” candy. Manufacturers are taking note in an era in which consumers are receptive to brief indulgences.

3 Key Trends Impacting the Latin American Food Industry

The Latin American food landscape is evolving. The food industry is undergoing significant changes to meet the population´s demand – and to address current challenges. In 2023 the world in general is being affected by …

How to Reduce Waste While Monetizing Your Side Streams

This article is sponsored and written by GTF Technologies. By now, everyone in the food industry knows that 30-40% of food produced1 and almost half of all fruits and vegetables grown worldwide2 go to waste. …

Stocking Sustainable Brands is Key to Preventing Trade Downs

The importance of offering sustainable products is hard to overstate — seven out of 10 consumers find sustainability more important today than they did two years ago, and more than half consider it “very important” according to Glow’s 2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report.

Is Plant-Based Still a Powerhouse?

Plant-based products continue to proliferate across the industry despite significant barriers to adoption, including taste and affordability.


Trends Impacting the Dairy Industry

Jennifer Pricco Braasch is a managing director with City National Bank’s Food & Beverage Group. Based in Milwaukee, she supports industry executives with creative financing solutions and industry intelligence. The Food Institute recently asked her …

Study: Gen Z Flocking to Fast-Casual Restaurants

These days, members of Gen Z are flocking to quick-service restaurants. In the 12 months ending July 2022, Gen Z consumers made 5 billion total restaurant visits, and 4.3 billion of those visits were to …

FI Live Replay: What’s Up With Upcycling

It’s become a $53 billion dollar market, and it’s growing. With more than half of consumers concerned with food waste, food upcycling is no longer just a niche trend. But what, exactly, is it? How …

FI Fast Break audio news: July 13, 2022

This week, in The Food Institute’s quick-hitting, audio news podcast, we examine food companies’ sustainability initiatives, growing economic pessimism, and more. The Food Institute Podcast · FI Fast Break News – July 13, 2022 The …

Report: Modern Consumers Snacking with a Purpose

Earlier in the pandemic, snacking complemented remote work and supplemented restaurant dining and continues to replace meals with added bonuses. This year, Grubhub’s infamous lunch promotion was prompted by 69% of New Yorkers surveyed saying …

Unpacking the World’s First Plant-Based ETF

In December 2021, the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate Exchange-traded Fund (NYSE ticker: EATV) made history as the world’s first plant-based ETF. VegTech Invest CEO Elysabeth Alfano recently joined The Food Institute Podcast to discuss …