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The Summer of Swicy

Asian cuisines like Thai, Korean, and Chinese have long used swicy foods as an enticing way to attract new and long-time patrons, and many mainstream and fusion restaurants are combining classic American fare with these staple flavors from across the world.

Spice It Up: Burritos and Hot Chicken Are on Fire

Restaurant chains specializing in spicy offerings are gathering steam in 2023. Case in point: Dave’s Hot Chicken, which grew from two locations to 118 over the past few years, saw May 2023 visits increase 126.6% …

Some Like It Hot: Spicy Snacks and Hot Sauce on the Rise

Recent polls suggest Americans are adding a little spice to their lives. An Instacart survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults found that 74% of Americans eat hot sauce with their food, and nearly half (45%) said …