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How Raydiant Provides Digital Solutions for Restaurants

Join The Food Institute at NRA’s 2024 Restaurant Show as we investigate the innovations of Raydiant, a company that provides digital tools for Restaurants. From digital menu boards to point-of-sale integration and even AI-triggered promotional …

Best Ways to Innovate in Fast Food

How do you develop unique items for consumers across the globe, but still maintain your core brand? What is the most effective strategy for a QSR to retain its customers in challenging times? What leads ...

American Restaurant Chains Thriving in India

While 40% of India’s residents are vegetarian, there’s still a large addressable market open to omnivore cuisine. Plus, much of the country is infatuated with western culture – a fact QSRs are taking note of.

How the Pandemic Reshaped Restaurant Real Estate

There has been a sizable population shift to America’s Sun Belt as well as its suburbs and rural areas in recent years. That fact has reshaped the nation’s commercial real estate, experts say.


Top 5 Highest-Grossing U.S. Fast-Food Chains

Average unit volume (AUV) speaks to a chain’s operational efficiency and overall success, indicating the average annual sales that a brand earns per restaurant—a reflection of how consumers feel about the brand itself. These are the top five highest-grossing fast-food chains in the U.S. by AUV.

QR Codes: ReliQ or Revolutionary?

How, and why, should some businesses do away with table- or barside QR codes, and what should be expected from both business and consumer? The QR Qonundrum doesn’t have to be an all-in or all-out decision, however – a hybrid approach, using lessons from the business side of the pandemic and the consumer side of hospitality, may be a viable way forward for businesses large and small.

Can Subway Reset as Competition Gains Steam?

Just months after revamping its menu and tapping new pitchmen, Subway is making more bold moves, as competing sandwich chains like Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, and Jersey Mike’s gain market share. The world’s largest sandwich …

Crisp & Green CEO Sees ‘Amazing Runway’ for Salad Chain

WAYZATA, Minnesota – Crisp & Green isn’t the first fast-casual restaurant to focus on salads. Yet, founder Steele Smiley promises an unrivaled focus on freshness and healthiness. He feels competitors “have left this amazing runway …

What is the Net Value of Restaurant Subscription Services?

More quick service restaurants (QSRs) are rolling out subscription services in the new year to leverage the pandemic pivot towards mobile ordering and remain top of mind with consumers. Throughout the month of January, Sweetgreen …

Lunchtime Rush Coming Back for Restaurants

Online and physical restaurant visits during lunch rose 4% in the year ending September 2021 compared to a year ago when visits were down 11%, based on The NPD Group’s U.S. foodservice industry tracking. “Consumers are …