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Top 3 Spring/Summer Trends in Retail

In a few short years, retail will be a totally immersive and data-driven experience highlighted by personalized AI recommendations for health and home, smart carts to increase efficiency (and solve the traveling salesman’s dilemma in-store), and much more.

Keys to Combatting Inflation for Grocers

Inflation is causing shoppers to rethink their buying journeys, which has made price a more important factor than ever. That is affecting how shoppers both plan and execute their supermarket trips, and grocers must start …

Digitally Mature Grocers Have an Advantage with Shoppers

The most “digitally mature” grocery retailers are capturing a considerably greater share of the growth of a growing shopping modality, according to the results of 2020 Grocery Digital Maturity Benchmark Study from Incisiv, reported Winsight …