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How Soon Will Cultured Meat Impact Plant-Based Sales?

As the gate to cell cultured meat sales swings open in the U.S., what’s in store for the alt-meat sector? The Food Institute checked in with Jennifer Bartashus at Bloomberg Intelligence to discuss potential market implications in the months ahead.

IRI Report: Versatility Key to Winning Breakfast Category

Breakfast occasions were big business for retailers in 2021, with at home consumption remaining above pre-pandemic levels. However, many traditional breakfast categories saw mixed sales results. In a new report, Winning Breakfast, Generation by Generation, …

IRI Analysis: CPG Demand Patterns Shift as Economy Reopens

Consumers resuming active lifestyles are still maintaining at-home habits, according to a new IRI report highlighting key trends and growth opportunities for CPG manufacturers and retailers. In April, food and beverage sales for at-home consumption …