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For Gen Z, Variety Packs Rule Retail

Some of the takeaways from the Circana report indicate that inflation has generally gone pretty easy on the beverage category, prompting marketing teams to “promote their relative price stability and find ways to demonstrate value, recognizing that ‘value’ doesn’t always mean lower price,” and that premium categories continue to outperform more value-based brand propositions. 

A Clear-Headed Look at the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement

The term “sober curious” has become part of the national lexicon in recent months. What is it, exactly? “Sober curious” is a social wellness movement that involves self-selecting out of alcohol consumption at times, without …

Outlook Bright for Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market

The mindful drinking movement has been gaining traction for several years, with “sober curious” consumers opting for no- or low- alternatives to reduce their alcohol intake.   Throughout the pandemic, demand for non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits increased, with consumers drinking most frequently while relaxing at …