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Sugarflation Frustration

The term “sugarflation” could soon become part of the global lexicon. Everything from candy and soft drinks to baked goods are likely to become more expensive in the second half of 2023 – sugar prices …

Census Bureau: Food Insecurity Spiked in April

Matthew Morfin and Delta Keller say the last week of the month is always the hardest for feeding their family. “Usually, our benefits last until the third week of the month and by then, it …

3 Key Trends Impacting the Latin American Food Industry

The Latin American food landscape is evolving. The food industry is undergoing significant changes to meet the population´s demand – and to address current challenges. In 2023 the world in general is being affected by …

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The Future of Food Retail

Grocers continue to be challenged by the emergence of competitive C-stores, inflation, and a looming global recession.

Report: ‘Shrinkflation’ Top of Mind for Consumers

Shrinkflation is hitting Americans – hard. Almost three out of four consumers are concerned about the trend of shrinkflation – when companies keep their prices the same, yet give customers less of their products – …

Treat Yourself: 2023 is the Year of Record-setting Candy Consumption

Even amid inflation, candy consumption is occurring at a record-setting pace. Confectionery shoppers are looking for deals, but they remain committed to their candy consumption. According to the National Confectioners Association’s recently released 2023 State …

Column: The Food Industry is at a Crossroads

Food industry leaders face myriad challenges in the months ahead, like elevated inflation, geopolitical risks, and economic recession. How leaders act could serve as a litmus test for long-term success or failure.