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Health and Wellness Trends for 2024

Datassential’s Marie Molde breaks down what health and wellness attributes consumers are looking for on restaurant menus in 2024.

Latam Food Week Highlights Region’s Healthy Cuisine

Experts note that Latin foods, which rely mostly on plant-based ingredients, can be quite healthy, playing to many consumers’ current focus on wellness. That was a key point of emphasis earlier this week during Latam …

Kombucha Health Benefits Drive Market Growth

Kombucha tea continues to rise in popularity among mainstream consumers. With age-old ties to immunity and gut health, the fermented drink has also become a target for medical research.  The global kombucha market is expected …

Protein Bars Proliferate, Yet they Confuse Consumers

Amid the health and wellness movement, protein bars are flying off grocery shelves. Yet, it’s debatable how healthy many of these protein snacks actually are in 2023. The protein bar market has become massive. According …

What Does Wellness Mean to Consumers?

Although the terms “health” and “wellness” are often lumped together or used interchangeably, there is an important distinction between the two. Understanding this difference is essential to understanding the modern consumer.

5 Plant-Forward Alt-Meat Innovations

Innovators are shaking up the alt-meat category with plant-forward creations that contain more whole foods and less processed ingredients. Here are five companies to watch.

Top Candy Innovations of 2023

This is fastly becoming the year of functional confectionery and “super sour” candy. Manufacturers are taking note in an era in which consumers are receptive to brief indulgences.

5 Healthy Alt-Meat Products

The Food Institute spoke with two dietitians to outline some of the healthiest alt-meat products available today and break down best practices for reading nutrition labels.

FI Live Replay – Diving into Plant Based with Actual Veggies

Despite all the meat alternatives now on the market, Jason Rosenbaum and Hailey Swartz were still longing for something that really embraced the plant-based ideal. Enter their company, Actual Veggies, which features plant-based burgers that ...

Analysis: Why Dieting is on the Rise

Roughly 52 percent of respondents in The International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) Food & Health Survey 2022 said they followed a diet or eating pattern in the last year — up 13% from the year …


Exploring Plant-Based Nutrition

Kerry Nutrition Scientist Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, joins The Food Institute Podcast to explore the nutrition of plant-based foods.

CPG Brands Aligning with Mental Wellness

Society has come a long way on normalizing discussions about mental health. With that, a growing list of brands are highlighting mental wellness in their marketing. As the issue is increasingly destigmatized—with celebrities and athletes openly discussing their …

Kerry: Health, Wellness Primary Concerns for Modern Consumers

What’s the mindset of the average American consumer in 2022? Kerry, a global food company, examined that question last week in a webinar titled “How America Eats: Creating Data-Driven Success for Food Brands.” “We’ve been …

Can Indulgent Treats Improve Health and Wellness?

The pandemic era strengthened food and beverage trends like health, wellness and nostalgic indulgence. While contradictory at first glance, these behaviors are finding alignment as consumers redefine what constitutes “healthy” behavior. Health and wellness are …

Probiotics: Consumer Perceptions and Opportunities

More than ever, consumers are prioritizing health and finding ways to make positive changes to their lifestyle. To address wellness needs in this health-focused consumer landscape, food processors turn to functional ingredients like probiotics to ...

2022 Outlook of Plant-Based and Next Gen Protein

With plant-based products making deep inroads in 2021, many food industry insiders and investors expect plant-based foods to become an even larger part of our diet moving forward. With consumers increasingly focused on health and ...

Discover the Power of Purple: The MaquiBerry from Chile

This webinar was sponsored by ProChile, Chilealimentos, and the MaquiBerry from Chile Committee.  Superfruits are often touted as having remarkable health benefits. Many consumers already know of about superfruits such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, acai …

How the Health and Wellness Trend Is Impacting CPGs

The Health & Wellness movement has made great strides over the past few years. And, the trend only intensified during the pandemic, although indulgent eating was a contradictory development for many consumers. CPG companies are …