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FI Spotlight: What Succeeds in Specialty Foods?

From discovering the most popular items to identifying drivers in the industry, there's no shortage of insights when it comes to the specialty food category. Join The Food Institute as we interview Leana Salamah, SVP ...

SIAL Paris Celebrates 60 Years this October!

This milestone event offers a unique opportunity for industry professionals to reflect on six decades of groundbreaking innovations while eagerly anticipating the future of the food sector. With anticipation building, SIAL Paris 2024 is poised ...

FI Spotlight: How Jackbe Revolutionizes Grocery Shopping

In this episode of the FI Spotlight, we chat with Alex Ruhter, CEO and Co-Founder of JackBe, the innovative drive-thru grocery store. Alex explores how JackBe stands out from typical curbside pick-up and tackles modern ...

Exploring Innovation and Values in the CPG Sector

When it comes to CPG's, consumers want nothing short of excellence. Integrity, transparency, quality - these are not just buzzwords, but essential attributes on the road to brand success. But how does a company achieve ...

Webinar: The Future of Food Retail

In 2024, the food retail industry will face a new set of opportunities and challenges unlike those in previous years. From the impact of inflation, shifts in shopper behavior, increased technological disruption, and competition from ...

3 Key Takeaways from Expo West 2024

With consumers as focused as ever on improving their health and wellness, clean diets including foods like whole fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins have gained momentum. The show floor at Expo West illustrated that movement.

What’s Ahead in 2024?

Food price inflation, geopolitical instability, the emergence of artificial intelligence, weather events, and more all impacted the food industry in 2023, but what’s ahead in 2024? This webinar delved into the latest retail transactional data, ...

CEOs’ Secrets to Success in the New Year

“Remember that running a food and beverage business can sometimes be akin to ‘buying yourself a job;’ it may not always guarantee immediate or substantial returns on investment.”

3 Key Cybersecurity Tactics for 2024

According to the 2022 Internet Crime Report by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, the potential total loss from cybercrime in the U.S. increased from $6.9 billion in 2021 to more than $10.2 billion a year later. Current projections suggest that the cybercrime problem will only worsen.

When Costing Mistakes Eat into Food Business Margins

To thrive in today’s highly competitive market, food and beverage businesses need to understand exactly where they make money—and where they don’t. While that might sound obvious, for many businesses pinpointing which products, services, and ...

Who is the Modern Grocery Consumer?

Consumers have been hammered by the one-two punch of the pandemic and inflation, which is impacting what they buy and where they get it.

Three Consumer Mindsets Driving Fresh Grocery Sales

Despite easing inflation concerns, consumers are still preparing 85% of meals at home, which presents significant sales opportunities. In a recent webinar, Circana and FMI unpacked the three major mindsets driving today’s fresh grocery shoppers.


The Better-for-You Blockbuster Snacking Season Has Arrived

As families gear up for movie night across the country and CPG companies figure out how to get their snacks off the shelves and into the hands of consumers before the previews even start, what constitutes a typical movie night snack, for many, is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Growth Opportunities for Food Manufacturers in 2023

Despite persistent inflation, declining volume sales, and a more reticent consumer, growth opportunities remain for food manufacturers in 2023. The Food Institute hosted this exclusive webinar to explore how the food manufacturing industry can position ...

4 Movements Impacting Retail in Latin America

Adapting to inflation, changing consumer preferences, and omnichannel has been a challenge for Latin America’s grocery industry. Nevertheless, in the past few years, retailers in Latin America have developed innovative strategies to create resilient products …

How to Foster Loyalty in a Competitive Retail Space

With the ever-increasing amount of shopping options – from local grocers to whole and organic nutrition vendors and widespread grocery chains – growing customer loyalty is more important than ever for those in the retail …

Beyond the Pump: A C-Store Deep Dive

Convenience stores often get a bad rap for lackluster foodservice options, but the category has expanded to include better foodservice options in the past few years.

The Future of Food Retail

Grocers continue to be challenged by the emergence of competitive C-stores, inflation, and a looming global recession.

The Future of Food Retail (2023)

 Despite numerous headwinds, the food retail industry continues to evolve rapidly. The specter of a recession and geopolitical unrest are impacting retailers and consumers alike. As consumers trade down amid historically-persistent inflation, retailers have ...

FI Live Replay – Diving into Plant Based with Actual Veggies

Despite all the meat alternatives now on the market, Jason Rosenbaum and Hailey Swartz were still longing for something that really embraced the plant-based ideal. Enter their company, Actual Veggies, which features plant-based burgers that ...