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Why the All-Night Diner is Dying

The all-night diner is all but dead in America, with Yelp revealing that the number of 24-hour eateries is down 18% since 2020.

Can Ghost Kitchens Be Resurrected?

Has the would-be darling of the pandemic-era – ghost kitchens – been resurrected by a partnership between Denny’s and Franklin Junction?

Why Restaurant Chain CEOs are Jumping Ship

While leadership changes are nothing new for restaurant chains, CEOs have been resigning in spades over the past two months, including departures from prominent brands like Starbucks, Dominos, Denny’s, Red Lobster, and Wingstop. What’s behind …

Examining the Viability of Virtual Restaurant Brands

On February 18, The Food Institute, in conjunction with DMA, hosted a webinar that examined the recent explosion of ghost kitchens and virtual brands. The event, which featured executives from Denny’s, Kitchen United, and Lettuce …