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Debate Surrounding California’s Food Additive Ban Heats Up

Debate surrounding California’s impending food additive ban is heating up as state-level copycat proposals rise across the U.S. Last month, the National Confectioners Association spoke out against the ban, calling it “an emotionally-driven campaign that lacks scientific backing.”

8 Common Food Sickness Culprits

Most consumers are aware that products like deli meat trigger occasional foodborne illness outbreaks. Those same people might be surprised, however, to find that items like onions, peaches, and flour are also common culprits of …

Report Says Brands Must Deliver on Consumer Value Expectations

Vericast recently released a report to help CPG brands better understand consumer buying habits amid the pandemic. “As shoppers have settled into new buying habits, brand loyalty has taken a hit overall,” Aimee Englert, Vericast’s …