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Groundbreaking Consumer Insight: The Snack 50 Psychological Ranking

According to Circana Group and reported by The Wall Street Journal, nearly half of American consumers snack three times or more every day, a figure up 8% in the past two years. Last year, U.S. snack sales soared to over $180 billion, up 11% from the previous year.

Survey: Boosting Alt-Meat Adoption

A new survey by Sweet Earth explores the decline in alt-meat adoption to source potential solutions to reignite consumer interest.

CPG Industry: Key Themes and 2023 Outlook

What is the state of the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry? Watch as Nik Modi of RBC Capital Markets dissected the latest CPG trends in food and beverage and provided his outlook for 2023. Additionally, Modi ...

Report: Alcohol Increasingly Part of Super Bowl Parties

It appears overall alcohol consumption will be up at Super Bowl parties this year. Research by retail insights company 84.51°, however, shows an eye-opening drop in planned alcohol consumption among younger adults this year.

What’s Ahead in 2023?

From surging inflation to extreme weather patterns to a more eco-conscious consumer, food and beverage businesses had to adapt and overcome in 2022, but what does the new year hold? Watch the replay of this ...

CEO: Food Allergy Issue Now an ‘Epidemic’ in America

Approximately 110 million Americans are directly or indirectly impacted by either a severe food allergy or food sensitivity in their household, prompting some in the food industry to call for increased transparency on labeling.

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Kerry Unveils Flavor Trends to Watch for 2023

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. Each year, Kerry evaluates trending flavors and tastes across five key categories: sweet, salty snack, savory, hot and dairy-based beverages, and cold and water-based beverages. Within each category, …

IRI: 5 Keys to Drive CPG Growth in 2023

As inflation continues, consumers are responding by shopping value channels more and buying fewer premium meals and snacks, according to IRI.

Consumer Spending Favors In-Person Experiences

While shoppers are still spending in today’s high-inflation environment, they are prioritizing where to invest their dollars, according to a Gravy Analytics trends report from the second quarter of 2022. Dining Preferences Shift Many consumers …

Mapping the Low-FODMAP Diet

How are consumers changing consumption patterns as inflation pushes CPG prices higher? Ibotta EVP of RevenueChris Jensen discusses.