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Cell-Cultured Snapshot: How to “Make” Meat

Cell-cultured meat continues to expand on a global scale as start-ups and major meat producers target the category. But how exactly are cuts of cultivated meat created — and how soon can consumers purchase these products?

What’s Fueling the Alternative Seafood Investment Boom?

Alternatives to traditional seafood continue to diversify through plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-derived production methods, and investors are casting their bets accordingly. According to a recent Good Food Institute (GFI) State of the Industry report, alternative …

UPDATE: Cell-Cultured Seafood Gaining Support

Would you eat lab-grown lobster? Cell-cultured seafood — protein produced directly from fish cells in nutrient-dense bioreactors — is getting ever closer to consumer’s plates. Investments in alt-seafood startups have seen an uptick over the …