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‘Audience Optimizer’ Tool Designed to Revolutionize Retail Ads

In the ever-arduous battle to entice consumers into stores and increase foot traffic and sales, Swiftly has announced its new Audience Optimizer to revolutionize retail ads for grocers and retailers.

The Audience Optimizer is intended to bring print circulars into the digital age, replacing static ads with targeted and personalized ones. The goal is to help retailers put the correct offers directly in front of the right customers and drive revenue while giving shoppers a more personalized and convenient experience.

“With the launch of Audience Optimizer, we’re taking a significant step forward in serving today’s digitally savvy shoppers,” said Henry Kim, CEO of Swiftly, in a statement.

The company is offering both retailers and brands the ability to engage with customers on a highly personalized level.

Arriving in Q4 2024, the Audience Optimizer will enable advertisers to pair complementary ad units with the retailer’s personalized digital ads, taking advantage of Swiftly’s ability to leverage personalized promotions at scale to expand a brand’s targeted reach, underscored by Swiftly’s data-driven closed-loop reporting.

As today’s grocers and retailers evolve with the pace of technology, traditional print newspapers are shuttering at an eye-opening clip (two per week over the past two years).

To combat potential losses in these new-look distribution deserts, retailers are pivoting to digital circulars to create more bespoke shopping experiences. Swiftly, in turn, provides a suite of off-platform targeting and optimization tools for operators that leverages first- and third-party data and enables retailers to turn general digital circulars into personalized and highly relevant content for their customers.

Swiftly’s Audience Optimizer should be a first-of-its-kind tool for many retailers. It’ll integrate automation, personalization, and access to digital channels across the web (including social media and media connected to TV), enabling retailers and CPG brands to engage with and attract shoppers seeking the best deals and promotions germane to their lifestyles, palates, and preferences.

Retailers should, in theory, be able to drive more traffic with better ads; brands will leverage a powerful platform to showcase their promotions more effectively; and consumers will benefit from better (and often cheaper) access to brands they support.

“The comprehensive insights and advanced targeting capabilities of Audience Optimizer set a new standard for digital engagement in the retail sector, helping our customers stay ahead in a competitive market,” Kim said.

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