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METER Group Introduces the ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer for Food and Pharma

ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer

Pullman, WA, January 20, 2022/FI Newswire/METER Group today introduced the ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer, a revolutionary, modern, easy-to-use, automated reference method for moisture content analysis.

The ROS 1 generates reference-quality data with ease-of-use comparable to halogen moisture balances, without the time and manual effort of drying ovens or the complexity and chemicals of Karl Fischer Titration (KF Titration).

“Food and pharma manufacturers rely on moisture content measurements to control their processes and comply with labelling and potency requirements,” said Takuya Ohki, VP, METER Group. “The most accurate moisture content methods are incredibly complex or inefficient. Faster methods lack precision and produce questionable results.”

“We developed the ROS 1 to address this gap. It’s fast, precise, intuitive, and handles every detail automatically. It combines the best of all methods without their shortcomings.”

Water content affects storage stability, appearance, texture, and taste, as well as other physicochemical characteristics of food, and is legally stipulated as well.

The ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer determines moisture content from as many as nine samples in 40 minutes with reference-method precision. With an element positioned millimeters from the sample, it precisely heats each sample while cycling them across a highly accurate scale. Throughout the process, it records temperature, weight, and time, then generates an exact drying curve for each sample.

Karl Fischer titration is complex and time-consuming. It uses hazardous chemicals and requires a skilled operator. Oven loss-on-drying requires significant hands-on time and often requires hours to complete.

Like these reference methods, the ROS 1 is sample agnostic, using intelligent algorithms to recognize the perfect parameters for any substance without having to research test setup. Leveraging automation, it has the potential to save businesses and scientists hundreds of hours each month.

“The ROS 1 brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to food and pharma production, and delivers unprecedented precision and simplicity to workflows,” added Ohki. “Interaction with samples is minimal; the machine does the work, virtually eliminating the risk of human error or fudged data.”

The ROS 1 uncovers a depth of real-time, actionable insights that moisture balances and ovens cannot detect, without the time and effort usually required. It dries to a standard, so measurements have real context and meaning.

Titration takes a great deal of expertise and is usually only performed by experienced food scientists and other highly skilled employees. It also requires use and disposal of potentially dangerous chemicals.

“By-the-book oven methods require hours of repetitive labor and require constant attention from operators. I’ve met manufacturers that had to run an additional lab shift just to manage oven samples. Conversely, the ROS 1 helps you meet industry regulations while automating rote tasks, freeing scientists to focus their attention on more important, profitable work,” added Ohki.

Ovens are also problematic, often requiring several hours to dry samples, and additional time spent waiting for samples to cool in desiccators. Other methods that tout speed lack the precision outputs that food and pharma manufacturers require.

“Many people who make moisture content measurements neither understand nor care how difficult it is to get precise, reliable results from existing methods,” says Ohki, “But inaccurate measurements have a big impact on the bottom line. For people who understand moisture, this innovation will immediately resonate. Others will get interested when they see what they can now do.”

“With the ROS 1, METER Group has brought to market the first and only moisture content analyzer device to offer precision of reference methods, the simplicity of an oven, and speed comparable to a moisture balance.”

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