The Power of Plant-Based Pudding

Is there power in plant-based pudding? Noops founder Gregory Struck certainly thinks so. Struck joins the Food Institute podcast to share his personal health journey and how it served as the impetus to start his plant-based pudding company. Struck explains why he targeted the pudding market and details how he hopes his product will address some systemic health issues in America. Additionally, he shares how he was motivated by finding less-than-healthy snacks for his kids at parties, and reveals some new product ideas Noops is developing.

Hosted By: Chris Campbell

More About Gregory Struck:
Gregory recently founded Noops, his third company in the CPG space. Noops is tackling the multi-billion dollar pudding category with a dairy-free plant-based offering. Previously Gregory was Co-Founder and COO of Hungryroot (Lightspeed, KarpReilly, Lerer Hippeau). Before that was a Co-Founder of Long Island Brand Beverages, a CPG company acquired by Cullen Investments and taken public on the NASDAQ. Gregory was moved to start Noops after having survived a bout with skin cancer and learning he had a rare genetic disease calling for him to eat a predominantly plant-based diet.

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