The 2024 Foodservice Forecast

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The foodservice industry has had its fair share of twists and turns the past few years, but where is it headed in 2024? Lizzy Freier, Director, Menu Research & Insights at Technomic joins The Food Institute Podcast to talk restaurant traffic, international cuisines, LTOs and more.

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More about Lizzy Freier:
Lizzy leads menu research at Technomic, tracking and analyzing both current and predictive trends. Although her focus is on commercial food, beverage and adult beverage trend- and data-tracking at independent, emerging and top chain restaurants, she has also analyzed noncommercial, convenience-store and global trends.

Over her decade at Technomic, she has contributed to a plethora of content. She’s been interviewed by various media outlets, ranging from BBC News to The Wall Street Journal to Forbes. She has also established numerous products for Technomic, including the Emerging Eats newsletter, On the Menu Trends webinar and Food Flash infographics.

Lizzy has presented at dozens of large industry events in the U.S. and abroad, including the National Restaurant Association Show; The Culinary Institute of America’s cuisine summits; RCA Conference; VIBE Conference; Winsight’s Restaurant Directions; Clean Label Conference; National Coffee Association Conference; and Technomic’s Foodservice and Adult Beverage Planning Program events.

Learn more about Technomic: https://www.technomic.com/

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