Plant-Based Deli Meats for Carnivores

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When it comes to plant-based deli meats, Prime Roots hopes to empower carnivores to make small swaps in their diet for environmental good. Co-founder and CEO Kimberlie Le joined The Food Institute Podcast to discuss the company’s history, its use of koji mushroom mycelium in its products, and its process in developing products that meat-eaters will love.

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More About Prime Roots:
Prime Roots is celebrating the culture of meat by reimagining protein itself. Rooted in koji, a mycelium with storied culinary history and reimagined for modern times using a proprietary food technology platform and the power of fermentation, Prime Roots can replicate the taste and texture of any meat or seafood, without any of the environmental costs of animal proteins. The Prime Roots platform is creating the lowest-cost alternative protein solution that is immediately scalable to be able to feed billions of people a sustainable and nutritious source of protein while making large impacts with every bite. Prime Roots utilizes its koji protein platform to first tackle the bulk deli and charcuterie space to make it easier everyday in the humble breakfast and deli sandwich to make simple swaps. Eventually, Prime Roots will create protein products across all food and beverage categories.

Learn more at: https://www.primeroots.com/

More About Kimberlie Le:
Kimberlie Le is the CEO and co-founder of Prime Roots, a koji-based meat company. As a proud meat eater, she is determined to dramatically transform global food systems and reduce the burden animal agriculture has put on our planet. Prime Root’s products are made of koji – an ingredient loved by Michelin starred chefs that perfectly replicates the texture, taste, and protein of meat without the negative environmental impact and health impacts of meat. Kim has deep roots in the restaurant and food service industry. Kim previously attended UC Berkeley and is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists and the James Beard Foundation. Kim and her company have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Food and Wine.