Mapping the Low-FODMAP Diet

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What exactly is the low-FODMAP diet? Gourmend Foods founder Ketan Vakil joins The Food Institute Podcast to explain the science behind it and how the plan can alleviate certain medical conditions. Vakil also shares his personal health story and how it helped shape the company.

More about Ketan Vakil:
It took Ketan over 20 years of numerous doctor visits, unnecessary invasive tests and rounds of antibiotics to finally discover that food was at the heart of his digestive symptoms. Ketan combined this experience with his background in marketing and his love of cooking and eating to start Gourmend Foods. Learn more here: https://www.gourmendfoods.com/

More about Gourmend Foods:
Gourmend’s line of deliciously digestible broths and seasonings replace symptom-causing ingredients like onion and garlic with flavorful, unique, clean, gentle, low FODMAP certified alternatives.

Learn more about the low-FODMAP diet: