How Mars Wrigley Imagines the Future of Food

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What does the future of food and snacking look like? Mars Wrigley Global Foresight Leader Joanna Lepore joins The Food Institute Podcast to discuss the 5- and 10-year prospects for chocolate, confectionary, and other munchables. Lepore also shares her views on how consumer preferences have changed during the pandemic, emerging omnichannel approaches, and the importance of social commerce and subscription-based e-commerce.

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How Mars Wrigley Imagines the Future of Food

Hosted By: Brian Choi


More About Joanna Lepore:
Joanna is a strategy, marketing and insights leader with experience across multiple industries, including personal care, dairy, food and confectionery. A seasoned marketer, Jo has led new brand creation, innovation transformation and award winning creative communications. But it’s innovative thinking that she’s most passionate about, specifically helping businesses identify opportunities for expansive, transformational growth and to move with purpose on them. Jo leads Foresight within the global team at Mars Wrigley, heading up future thinking for the North American market.


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