How Kelp Could Shake Up the Plant-Based Market

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On the heels of plant-based meat alternatives going mainstream, are you ready for the kelp burger? Join us in exploring the kelp market with Courtney Boyd Myers, founder and CEO of AKUA. While the company is looking to change the plant-based scene with its kelp-based burgers, it also produces pasta and jerky that feature ocean-farmed kelp. Myers also talks about the inspiration behind AKUA’s products, the investment landscape for the kelp market, and the outlook for growth.

How Kelp Could Shake Up the Plant-Based Market

Hosted By: Chris Campbell


More About Courtney Boyd Myers:
Courtney Boyd Myers, who is a founder, CEO, and CMO of AKUA, is also an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and writer. Prior to launching AKUA, she helped build the Summit Community, a global network of founders, creatives, and innovators. Previously, she helped market companies such as Four Sigmatic and Unframed Ice Cream. She began her career as a journalist at Forbes Magazine and The Next Web and has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. She currently serves as an advisor to GreenWave. She can be reached at cbm@akua.co.


More About AKUA:
AKUA creates foods that can feed the planet sustainably while reversing climate change, and restoring health to our world’s oceans. All of our products are made from ocean-farmed kelp, which is one of the most healing and healthy forms of food on the planet. And we’re in the business of making seaweeds – or, as we like to say – seagreens – taste delicious.


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