How Humanization is Propelling Premium Pet Products

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Canidae CEO Bret Furio explains how humanization is propelling premium pet products in the latest episode of the Food Institute Podcast. Furio discusses Canidae’s premium pet food lines, and finds parallels with human products as the pet category expands. Additionally, he details Canidae’s commitments to sustainable packaging and fresh ingredients, and shares his thoughts on where the pet food business could soar in the years to come.

How Humanization is Propelling Premium Pet Products

Hosted By: Chris Campbell

More About Bret Furio
Bret is Chief Executive Officer at Canidae Pet Food, where he leads a team of over 150 employees. Bret leads a talented team at both Canidae’s plant in Brownwood, Texas, as well as their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Bret has more than twenty years of experience in strategic marketing, sales, and general business management from a diverse range of companies in the consumer packaged goods sector, including Zarbee’s Naturals, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Nice-Pak Products, and The Gillette Company.

More About Canidae:
Canidae goodness comes through not just in the quality of our ingredients and formulas, but also in the dedicated employees we hire. The talented teams at our plant in Brownwood, Texas, our headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, and our national sales force across the country work together every day to bring health, happiness and connection to pets and their people. Joining Canidae means joining a team on a mission to bring out the best in pets, people and our planet every day.

We are a team-focused, performance driven organization composed of diverse, passionate and committed people. We don’t just call ourselves The Canidae Crew because alliteration is catchy. The crew boat inspires the way we do business, together. On a crew boat, there’s no motor or sail to propel you forward — it all comes down to the team. Everyone on the boat plays a unique and pivotal role. And it only works when we’re working together, in sync. While we all pride ourselves on being passionate, self-driven achievers, we value collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect above all. We know we’re better together.

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