Consumer Tech Accelerates Food Industry Evolution

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How will artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality affect the food industry? Ahead of the 2023 iteration of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), former Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Chief Strategy Officer Karen Chupka highlights emerging technologies that could eventually reshape the food industry. Additionally, she shares how connections made at CES can spill over into real-world collaboration.

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More About Karen Chupka:
Karen Chupka is founder and chief strategist for Chupka Consulting, LLC, a firm helping businesses tell their tech story. Chupka spent two decades overseeing the most influential tech event in the world – CES.  In her two decades leading CES, Chupka saw first-hand the tech trends that were transforming businesses and used those trends to grow CES to a global brand. Chupka was with CTA for 33 years and held numerous roles within the organization including chief strategy officer, executive vice president, CES, vice president of business development, director of industry relations and education, and director of marketing for CES.  She also launched CES Asia, in Shanghai, China. She loves traveling the globe, meeting startups and entrepreneurs and hearing their tech story.

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