Boom Chakalaka – a Conversation with Chakalaka Brands

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What’s plant-based, gluten-free, and of South African origin? Turns out, chakalaka is just that, but what is this product? Chakalaka Brands founder Leeto Tlou joined The Food Institute Podcast to explain his pivot from the finance world to the food industry, the South African cuisine’s history, and how its flavors could be perfect for the American palate.

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More about Leeto Tlou:
Leeto Tlou is the Founder & CEO of Chakalaka Brands. He learned about Chakalaka while visiting South Africa and wanted to introduce the dish to American audiences. He was amazed by the taste of the dish and the fact that it aligned with his family’s history and culture.

He is passionate about sharing the vibrant flavors and cultures of the world through food, and believes that food has the power to connect people and awaken their senses. Chakalaka’s products are designed to enliven the palate and inspire people to explore cuisines from different cultures and regions.

Prior to starting Chakalaka Brands, Leeto had a successful career in financial services, where he gained valuable experience in business development, marketing and leadership.

More about Chakalaka Brands:
Our mission is to awaken and enliven your senses, through experiencing the vibrant flavors of the world and our cultures. We celebrate fully living life. Mixed with happiness. Chakalaka is a vibrant and spicy bean dish that is traditionally served at South African barbecues or braai. A heritage blend of beans, vegetables and hints of curry and peppers, Chakalaka makes it possible to taste the flavor of life fully. Chakalaka’s products enliven the palate and awaken the senses to bring us together through global cuisine. Prepare and share with your friends & family!

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